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PostSubject: Rogelio   Rogelio Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 1:25 am

Feel my hands, feel my life
For the sun and the stars
Are my mother and my sisters

Show me sunset and I won't forget
That I am one of two planets dancing
I am part of two planets dancing…

Given Name: Rogelio Vela
Alias: Rogelio
Gender Identity: Male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: November 1 (Scorpio)
Species: Metalmark moth
Nationality: Costa Rican, American (United States)
Ethnicity: Costa Rican
Language: English (fluent, preferred, Spanish accent), Spanish (fluent)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Additional Characteristics: Body is a vessel housing the remnants of two ancient quantum ‘demons’: a demon of chaos and a demon of stasis; these are specifically localized within his wings, where they were trapped by infinitesimal chance following a battle between the two that neutralized their opposing natures; as such, the demons themselves are gone, leaving nothing but their weakened energies; despite this fact, Rogelio still possesses various metaphysical abilities related to these; is capable of manipulating, amplifying, or minimizing energy on a sub-atomic level (with potential effects such as light manipulation, matter reconfiguration, temperature control, time travel, teleportation, entropy casting, etc.); however, these effects are limited by his own tiny size (as the quantum demons were beings vast enough to swallow galaxies; and he is but a wee moth not even reaching five feet in height); is only capable of using his abilities on things he is physically in contact with; furthermore, despite their weakened state, the sheer power of these forces is a massive strain on him, causing outrageous pain whenever they emerge, a fact which has been confused for a severe case of chronic cluster headaches; as he has grown older, these headaches have increased in frequency; this also contributes to his misdiagnosis of Tourette Syndrome, as his wings, and occasionally other limbs, will react abruptly and uncontrollably to the energy shifts within him; when the energies materialize, they often cause physical changes including a pitch-black hue slowly covering his entire body, and a searing glow emanating from his wing markings; capable of taking on a quantum form in which he is simply energized particles; capable of taking on a massive quantum form in which he resembles a planet-sized galaxy moth spirit; currently unaware of most of these traits.

Height: 4’10’’
Weight: 131lbs. (Wings and hair contribute a lot).
Body Type: Shapely, delicate, petite.
Hair: Blue-black; extremely thick with deep waves.
Eyes: Dark lilac; long lashes.
Skin Tone: Dark gray-violet with metallic iridescence in some lighting (pinks and blues).
Markings: Light blue beauty spots sparsely scattered across face, shoulders, and back; shimmery blue ‘V’ shape on upper back; metallic blue and violet markings on wings; white markings with additional ‘eyespots’ on wings. (Reference).
Scars: n/a
Body Modifications: n/a
Additional Characteristics: Long wriggling antennae that never seem to sit still; dark and noticeable body hair; prominent unibrow.

Physical Conditions: Chronic cluster headaches (actually caused by the trapped energies of two quantum demons within his body; see notes).
Mental Conditions: Tourette Syndrome (misdiagnosed; tics are also caused by the aforementioned energy; see notes).

Personality Traits: Restricted, earnest, loving, full of wonder, curious, excitable, uncoordinated, conflicted, strange, awkward, etc.
Strengths: Knack for math and science; storytelling; retains optimism despite his debilitating conditions; possesses a genuine if tremulous self-confidence; etc.
Weaknesses: Unable to control the energies within him; headaches render him incapable of completing absolutely any task for their entire duration; socially awkward and often anxious due to his headaches and motor tics.
Likes: Science fiction, space, nighttime, lightshows, astronomy, physics, video games, sleep, reading, writing, cryptozoology, mythology, the internet, etc.
Dislikes: Flashing lights, loud noises, cluster headaches, the fact that pretty much everything he loves could trigger a headache (ie: too much reading, too much time on the computer, etc.), etc.
Wardrobe: Dark colors, metallic, comfortable, space pattern, star pattern, hoodies, leggings, glitter, sneakers, pop culture references, accessories, etc.

Location: ----
Living Quarters: 3-bedroom home.
Living Companions: Nohemi, Manuel, Fatima.
Occupation: n/a; full-time student, senior year, home-schooled.
Family of Origin: Nohemi (mother), Manuel (father), Fatima (sister).
Family Background: First-generation immigrants from Costa Rica (save for his sister, who was born in the U.S.), Rogelio's family came to the U.S. seeking treatment options for his chronic pain issues, as well as to escape a hostile home environment. He is very close with them, which causes him some homesickness and anxiety during his time away.
Offspring: n/a
Friend(s): Fatima.
Significant Other(s): n/a
Pet(s): n/a

Roleplay Status: Open (AOA)!

Artwork: 1


1. Two Planets; Bat for Lashes
2. Spaceman; The Killers
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